Losing Light - A Journey through Grief

Poetry by Suzanne Laurent

Suzanne Laurent is a journalist and photographer living in Portsmouth, NH.
She is a regular contributor to the Portsmouth Herald and a juried photography member of the N.H. Art Association.

Losing Light

Losing Light

When her husband of almost 30 years died suddenly in 2015, Suzanne Laurent found herself turning to a source of solace familiar to her – writing poetry. Laurent originally intended to keep her work private, but after publishing a few pieces on social media, friends encouraged her to share her work.

The result is Losing Light: A Journey Through Grief, a collection of poems chronicling her grief with the raw poems she wrote during the first two years since her husband’s death. The book is interspersed with photographs Laurent took since moving to the New Hampshire Seacoast in 2011.


"This anthology of sequential and short poems trace the poet’s progress through grief and the renewal of the human spirit following the sudden loss of her husband. It is extraordinarily readable, characterized by a simplicity of expression that draws you in and makes you a part of her painful journey and the path to her recovery."
-Nancy S. (from Amazon.com)


Strength to Survive

From dawn to sunset
a daylily blooms just once;
its survival brief
in the patterns of life.
A dozen more disguise
its demise with the next sunrise.
Strength comes with the
fresh bloom of the new day,
weakens as the light fades.

Backside of the Night Stars

When the night is
bright with constellations,
I think of those I love
scattered across the country,
the world,
on the backside of the night stars,
knowing somehow they are
seeing the same sky.
Tracing Orion,
we are connected.